Best shoe for walking around for long periods of time?


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I work at a retail store and I stand/walk around pretty much all of the 8 hours that I work there.
What would be the most comfortable shoes for the job? I'm looking at Nike FR, Lunarglide 3, and Kostons atm because from what I've read, they're all pretty comfortable.

Any other suggestions?
Price range up to 150.
I have narrow feet if it matters.
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If you can cough up 160, i would go with an air max 2009 if you still find one. The lunars and free runs are comfortable but after a couple of hours you'll feel the pain again. Trust me I've worked from open to close (9am-10pm) and airmax based shoes are the best. If you can find an air max 2009 or something with a full bubble.
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+$!% just about any air max would do, i had some air max 1 eskimos with the fur in side and it felt like i was walking on pillows most of the day
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any free would be good. free runs might be too wide for you, if you have a narrow foot. what mastergrim8 was saying about the pain coming back should only be for the first week or two while your feet are getting used to doing work (your feet will get stronger). after that, they will feel awesome all the time and will be better for your joints. i think the 3.0s were pretty narrow and are actually on sale a lot of places. running warehouse has them for like $60.
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I agree Air Max-shoes-I wore CBs cooking 12 hrs a day until I popped the bubble a year later-threw on 4 different prs of shoes until I went to an outlet and gave up 70 for a pr of total maxs--the bubbles do go tho -I weigh much more than the average person tho but when they pop its over-never had one pop quicker than 9 months in and Im talkin 50-60 hr work weeks so thats pretty good
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Air maxs & their variations are great (90, 95s, 2009s, 2010s, etc.) Low Lebrons are good too.. Look for shoes with good air units & cushioning.
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Oddly enough, I've been doing almost everything in my Kobe Vs. Spent the whole day at Disney World last week walking around in them and felt great at the end of the day despite the hot & humid weather...
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LOL air max 95s? No. Even 09's/10's/11's arent THAT great. Go Pegasus/Vomero or Zm Structure depending on foot type.
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they arent nike but reebok pumps are AMAZING to wear. they look sweet and are one of the more comfortable shoes.
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if you want a serisously good shoe for walking i recomend Asics. I have ran track for awhile now and found that this is a pretty good shoe. 
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I'm sure there are many good options. My personal preference is Air Max. I own several pairs each of 90/95 and I like them a lot.
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nike lunar eclipse, or lunarglide 3

probably the most comfortable shoes Ive ever worn...
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I work retail and everyone I work with wears Reebok Zigs and says they're great. I usually wear my AM 90s. I tried some zigs for a 8 hour shift and loved them, just not a fan of the look with dress pants
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