Best Shoe out of these?

Oct 18, 2004
I'm 6'5, 210 play anything from the 3 to the 5, dont need any special ankle protection or anything. Thanks
never played in mine, but the xiv retro i heard are good.
i also would like to know if AJXIV are better than ZK1s. never tried em before.
i tried on all 4 but havent played in them all, i like the fit of the 180 alot. crazy cushiong, ill traction. the crazy 8 is a solid shoe too. got a nice tight fit, not alot of ankle protection like the 180s but i dont need it anyway. i havent played in my xivs but the zoom air in them is crazy responsive, and they got a really good fit.

i would either take the 180 or XIV
i only have the kobe's and the 14s. but the kobe's have a little bit of heel slip even if you go down a half size. 14s are my pick.
crazy8 and ajXIV are both retros, not sayin they are bad but normally they aren't as updated. JB doesn't have the best quality, so thats sorta off the list, however they do have overall everything, the cushioning might be lacking a ver lil' bit, but if u aren't expecting extreme cushioning, these are good. AM180 is sorta unbalanced wit Zoom in front and maximum air at the back which makes it like a roller coaster ride, unless u like that setup for ur type of game then u can try it.

So it comes down to AZK1, which to this day is still the best, as overall, Quality, traction, cushioning, stability pretty much everything.
180's will give you good support and good cushioning....but i like the kobe 1's...they are really light, good cushioning, and flexible....never wore any of my XIV's
the XIV's are more for a guard i would take the ZK1's.

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i've been playing in my "last shot" XIVs for over a year and they still are the best basketball shoes i have. if you are like to slash to the basket, the XIVs are the best shoe. but the ZK1 is great also.
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I've played in both og xiv's, retro xiv's, and Zk1's. I like how the zk1's beefy cushioning around the midfoot adds to the stability, but the og xiv's kill the opposition. Retro xiv's I find are trash compared to og's and the zk1's. The tongue rests too high and slides around. But the zk1 is a very solid bball shoe.
For you at 210, not the XIV's. They're really responsive but they don't have enough cushion if you have bunnies and are constanly up and down jumpming. Just my opinion, i'm 230.
You're wasting your time.
the crazy 8 are a good shoe to play hard and fast but i think the XIV are alot better shoe overall. I love mine they are light, have awesome zoom air, durable and breatheable.
you cant go wrong with it.
I've tried the 180s and thought they were kinda heavy, the kobe 1s are very nice and my pair didn't have any slipping problems.
You probably got a pair of shoes already so I'm just gonna stop.
What'd you end up getting?
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If you don't need ankle support, get the Kobe 1. Lightweight, superb traction, loaded with nice features (Free-inspired forefoot, inner bootie, carbon fiber shank, Zoom Air) and it's super inexpensive right now.
I personally think 180's i have a pair and i love em.Very comfortable and pretty good ankle support.
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