Best Stand Up You've Seen In Person?

Dec 10, 2001
Ive never been to a stand up comedy show before but im going to my first one in two weeks

So what has been the best stand up you've seen in person?
Chappelle...row Norfolk...first stop on his only tour when he came back from Africa...jokes were all new and
Tracey Morgan the day Richard Pryor passed away.......had me rolling......ended the show with an acapella version Meth and Mary "Your all Ineed"...HILARIOUS!!!
Lewis Black is all I've seen in person. He was hilarious, and whoever opens up for him was pretty good.
Dave Chappelle hands down....5.5 hours of pure comedy and only about the first 30 minutes were scripted...I stayed for 5 hours but it was about a 7 or 8 hourperformance started round 10-11pm and ended around 6 or 7 am....dude killed it. End of last year sometime in SF cobbs comedy club. Only reason I left wasbecause I had a paper due at 7am the next day...and I hadnt even started it.
charlie murphy, 4-5 years ago. he came to newport and my brother did the audio visual for it.
I saw Tony Roberts in Philly He killed that
I saw Chris Rock in Chicago Last February It was Great
those are the best two I have seen

Oh Kevin Hart too I saw him right after paper soldier's so he wasn't that known so he was all in the crowd kicking it cause no one knew who was but meand my boys we went thru a bottle of grey goose with him before the show and finished it off with him afterwards
Chris Rock in Vegas......... White people began walking out at the 20min mark lol.

I was thinking of going to see Dane Cook just purely off all the chicks that would attend. Dude is funny and good looking = Vagina central, dude coming to theNokia I think in L.A
Kevin Hart...had my sides hurting and this was before i saw his special on Comedy Central...his small jokes are so much funnier in person...
You haven't seen stand up until you've seen this man


Saw this dude at Caroline's instead of prom with my ppl, sat right in front of him, got roasted, roasted back. THE BEST time I ever had at ANY stand upI've been to. Yall better see dude before he retires or some shhh
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never seen any in person but i plan to soon...Comic view is
Never seen a comedian.
Although Method Man was busting jokes during his concert at my school. Had me rollin.
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