Best Time to Auction Jordans

May 14, 2004
I was just wondering whens the best time to auction JORDANS off on ebay....any way i can maximize it? Thanks
150+ jordans, sz 10

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150+ jordans, sz 10
pretty straight forward question when is the best time to auction off jordans, im sure everone would want to get some money,
example: i wouldnt want my xii playoffs to end at 115 bucks, even though theyre worth 150+ why would i want to loos in some item i know other people are paying much more for and its all due to the day and time you post, since many people on this forum do use ebay id like to know what they think and when they generally end the auctions
150+ jordans, sz 10
That's the whole point of an auction if you want your jordans to make you some money make it buy it now but if you go that route and ppl aren't feelin your shoes or your price you might not get them sold
Take your best shot you never know it just depends on who else is watching the auction. Its a hit and miss thing just have your money right. Get your flame suit ready because these guys are going have with you. :D

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It's a hit and miss my friend, sometimes I put a shoe on there for a good price that doesn't sell and sometimes I put a shoe on there that I don't expect to sell quickly and it does and I be like go figure.
I would avoid January, when people are hit with those holiday credit card bills. Maybe Feb or March when tax refunds get sent.(I get mine in Mid-Feb)
I'd say around 11 pm Atlantic. It gives everyone a chance to view it at least and the gap between the states are only a few hours apart. Also, I think Sunday and Monday is a good day to end. Time frame wise, you've got to know the product. If it's something that's been out a while (over a year), then I'd make it 7 days. However, if it's Aquas or the recent Spiz'ikes, 3 days would be sufficient because of the plethora of same shoes out there. I've had moderate success with that.
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sundays or mondays .... any where from 9 -12 pm EST time...
every1 can view it, all time zones..
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For me personally I sell more shoes in the Fall/Winter as more people work more and save money during the Winter then they do during the Summer/Spring as people are always in need of cash for vacation so the sell shoes for less...
To maximize profit on ebay for jays.

1. get a feedback rating of 50 or more
2. positive rating of 99-100%
3. don't overcharge for shipping (people won't bid as much if they see a high shipping charge)
4. Post a lot of pics with your tag on them.
5. End your auction on weekends.

It would still depend on the shoe however. Example the current retros (2006 and up) will not go for much no matter how you sell it. Older retros will still command a good price. This is where 1 and 2 above come into play.
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