Best Tint shop in SD?


Jan 4, 2002
im moving up to pomona in a few weeks for school and i know its gonna be hot as a @#%$ so i needa get tint. wheres the best place to get tint in SD? i wanna make sure wherever i go they do a clean job and leave no bubbles or anything.
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This spot is right around the hood.

Solar Eclipse Window Tinting and Performance
507 G Ave
National City, CA 91950
(619) 474-0060

BTW, hit me up when you get up there. De La Soul will be on campus Sept 19.
thanks a lot i appreciate it. btw.....can we bring non students to the performance? my homie wants to come up to watch them too. oh btw, are you in barkada cuz im thinking i prob met you during orientation. but for sure just pm me your info and ill hit you up when i get up there. ima be up there on the 16th for welcome week.
Boycott Reggaeton
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