Best Way to File Dispute: Amex or Paypal?

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Long story short:

-bought some used wheels for my car
-seller said 2 rear tires needed to be replaced. I bought 2 rear tires off ebay for $205 in anticipation only to find out that it was actually the 2 front tires that needed to be replaced.
-asked seller if there were any cracks or bends before paying. he said no. turns out 1 rear wheel has a crack and 1 rear wheel has a bend.

never had to file a dispute or anything before. tried contacting the seller but he says it must have happened during shipping and wants to file what I feel is a fraudulent claim with UPS. I don't want to deal with this mess anymore.

I paid with my American Express card on PayPal. would I be better off filing a PayPal dispute or filing a chargeback with American Express?

thanks fellas.
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Amex x100

10/10 I'm going with Amex if I have a grievance/concern with anything. No other credit company can match the customer service Amex provides.

I have the Platinum card though, IDK how it is for the other cards. Should be the same, I'm guessing.

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that's what I figured. is there anyway I can have the wheels sent back to the seller without having to pay like $300 for the return shipping?

he also called UPS to file a damage dispute thing. they're supposed to be calling me to come check them out tomorrow at my house. Would it be a **** move to tell the agent that in my honest opinion, I feel the seller is filing a fraudulent insurance claim? my text conversation with him today has given me an idea of his character and I'm not one to be a fuddyduddy, but I don't feel like I should be helping him cheat the system.
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from what i've heard you should file a claim with paypal before you return the wheels, so they know the situation and can possibly hold your money for you on his account. if you don't there is a possibility the seller keeps the wheels and money

once again that's just what i've heard. i don't know from first hand experience.

amex will take care of you though but i thnk you should give the seller and paypal a chance to work it out first.
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File a dispute with amex. If he is filing a claim the he should refund you the money right away because you should not have to wait for his money to come back. That claim money will go straight to him, not you. Don't even waste your time with meeting the agent. If you're going to tell the agent that you think its fraud, might as well just skip on it. Just tell the seller that if he wants the wheels back then he needs to send you a return label. He can purchase it online and email it to you. Just wait for the chargeback to complete though.
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seller doesn't want to refund anything yet. he wants to wait and see what happens with the insurance claim. I'm sure that I'll get my money back one way or another which is why I'm willing to tell UPS I think he's trying to commit fraud.

I guess I'll wait til tomorrow and see what happens. then I'll file the Amex chargeback regardless.
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