Best Way to paint over the midsoles of my III's?

Feb 24, 2006
so i got two pairs, one of them aren't too yellow, but the midsoles of my black cement iii's are pretty yellow and dirty. would it be wise to still paint over these?

what's the best method and paint to use?

clean them very good and use some white shoe polish but becarefull and mask off any area you dont want white
Just close ur eyes.. n spray away with a can of spray paint.. should come out ok..
masking tape and white shoe polish or white scuff remover (bottle with sponge top, I get it at Wallgreens), honestly. I've used it on 2 pair and it'sheld up good, with minimal cracking. I've actually heard of people using spray paint too. I'm sure it's far from the professional thing to do, butit's always done the job for me. Most people will tell you to use angelous paint, though.
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