Better birthday gift - need help deciding

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so for my birthday coming up (tomorrow, thanks in advance) i was given a $150 limit on a gift from a family member so i narrowed it down between these two ijust want some opinions thanks a lot

1. i am always listening to my ipod and i want some nice earphones so i seen these and ive been hearing some good things, though i want to know what nt has tosay

2. then there are these living in CA i can put these to good use, ive always wanted a pair


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Originally Posted by JesusR23

i think Beats are more than 150??? not sure
When they came out they were a lot more than 150. But I don't really keep up with things of this nature.


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Shades from the summer

even though I dont mess with Ray-Bans like that
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the Beats run at $150 and the shades anywhere between $100-130

for those that have said not to get Beats what earphones (specifically with links) would you recommend..?
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get the shades but get some other buddy has those exact same ones and i wore them for a day...i wasn't impressed...i'm not saying i wasdisappointed but for $150 those shades should have an x-ray feature.
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