Better career? Role player on Title team or HOF career without a ring?

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Got into an argument about Horry having a better career than someone like Barkley or Malone. I'll post my thoughts later, but what do you think?
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even though horry has what.. 7 rings? people will most definitely remember barkley for his rugged play and tenacity for being an undersized 4. not to mention,the ridiculous stats he put up.

i think horry was always in the right situation at the right time .. yes he made a lot of big shots but he won't be remembered for carrying his team to andthrough the post season.

i'd take barkley's career.
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Horry's career was maybe more enjoyable...

But Barkley/Malone had better careers obviously. I guarantee if you'd ask both of them they wouldn't trade what they did in their respective careersfor what Horry did in his.
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even robert horry has said that he wants barkleys career.

the great majority of players don't win championships, that's why they made the hall of fame. the hall of fame proves that YOU were awesome. winningchampionships prove that you were blessed with great teammates.

you don't have to be great to win championships, but you must be great to make the hall of fame.
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I for one am a fan of rings. If I ever ended up in a professional sport I always told myself I wanted a ring. You are getting paid plenty to be a scrub in theleague anyways. The people who are set are the rookies that get a ring in their first season, then they can go do what ever. That is kind of my thought on it.I know once you get there the $$$ is very tempting though.
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Originally Posted by JPZx

Horry's career was maybe more enjoyable...

But Barkley/Malone had better careers obviously. I guarantee if you'd ask both of them they wouldn't trade what they did in their respective careers for what Horry did in his.
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With the person I am...I'd much rather be a role player with rings and when I'm retired be able to fade away from the public and live a semi-normallife.
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so instead of being the best at your profession, you would rather latch on, and reap the benefits of your superior teammates?

that's like training to be #2.

whatever floats your boat.
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barkley would have rings too if he was on those great teams horry was on.

you can replace horry with barkley and have a much better team...not the other way around


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Originally Posted by Clutchshooter

in the end it's all about the ring.
Mark Madsen agrees...

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Barkley, Malone,Stockton, Ewing and many others...Theyll never be forgotten.

You can have rings and be easily forgotten
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Better player? Person who dominated as an individual. Better Career? Depends on how much importance you place on having a ring...I'd probably place moreemphasis on it. Which would I rather be? Tough call...but probably a HOFer w/o a ring.
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Originally Posted by SickWitIt

HOF career w/out ring. They get more $ than Robert Horry.
exacty....dudes dont dream @ night as a kid about being a role player on a title team...everyone dreams of being a star and being rich..


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HOF player. There's no dishonor in going out every night and leaving it all on the court and not getting a ring in your career. Basketball is a team sport,unless your Jesus, no one man can hold the entire fate of his team in his hands...
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HOF with no ring.

I'd want to win a ring, as every player does, but I'd want to be remembered. If you take someone like Horry, he'll be remembered, but not as alegend like a Malone or Barkley. They'll be in more discussions about being some of the greatest to ever play, get more credit when talking about theirplace in history, etc. I'd rather have that...
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