**Big Boi - Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty - OFFICIAL ALBUM TOPIC**

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That Fo Yo Sorrows is toooo nice. George Clinton still a beast.

March finna be so solid
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Y'all can talk !!@@ about Big Boi's solo career but what has Andre done musically without Big Boi that has been that great?

This album will prolly either be really good or really bad...IDK what to think.
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Originally Posted by Jiggaman414

Originally Posted by CertifiedFlyBoi23

3K's morning breath >>> Big Boi's solo career
Big Boi is just as good as Andre though
Yeah, Im one of those people that actually likes Big Boi is actuall better than Andre. I dont compare them though, never understood that. They on the same team
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This been my joint - glad to see a video out for it - dope color scheme
Seems like an underground/internet-grass roots movement going on here - I like that

Who's the guy singing the hook?
I assumed it was Sleepy Brown all this time but that def ain't him in the video

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Originally Posted by MOSTHATED770

Nah doggie.. I already made this thread months ago..search button ftw?
Couldn't find it in the first three pages so I made a new one.
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