Big Fund: Show or Go?

Jul 15, 2003
I know people hate how they look, but has anyone used these for ball?

If so, could you post your impressions and position (pause)?


I have the black/red/grey and the white/navy pairs and have played in both.
They're not a bad shoe actually,the fit is pretty good as long as you lace them up fairly tight and the overall comfort is quite good.
The heel cushioning is pretty good although there isn't a lot in the way of forefoot cushioning,the grip was reasonable but it was a nice clean court.
Overall they're not bad,they don't stack up against the newest tech shoes(ZKII's,Zoom BB's etc) but they're much better than most retros I've played in(Jordan IV's,III's)
I'm a pg/sg by the way.
they have a similar sole to the IV's...lil bigger air bag....I personally wouldnt play in these, but i love them and will try to get every color that gets released this time around
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