big papi back to sloppy minnesota papi

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i know roids can make a star a megastar (barry bonds) but how can you explane big papi? remember the fat ugly guy that played for the twins and hit like 10homers a year? how does that player become a super star?
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You think the only people who took roids are the ripped ones?

Just because you are on the juice doesnt mean you are buff. I know skinny and fat people who are on the juice. Prime example is in the MLB of course. Youretain water when you juice or use any substance to highten your testosterone, most likely why Big Papi is fat. For all you know Alfonso Soriano took the juiceas well.

But to stick to the thread, Ortiz is just having an off year. People love you when your on top but slip up and the world never gives you another chance.
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Yeah, I would like to think that Papi is clean, but DTA when it comes to this. Probably juiced, let's be honest. Good to see you on here Ben, about time
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"You No Big Papiii"

just felt like typin that out cus ieverytime I see him Ks I hear that commercial in my head

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Ortiz was never a mainstay in the lineup when he was with Minnesota. Gardenhire never gave him a real chance.
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Wasn't barry a megastar beforehand :S

Ortiz is old...he can't make good contact on anything and swings under balls.
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Originally Posted by bangtcg

Originally Posted by acidicality

no way, boston 2000's championships were earned fair and square.

I'm a Yankees fan and I know our championships had steroid users. So did every other team. Don't deny the inevitable.
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