Big Von Appreciation

Joined Feb 14, 2005
I've lived in SF for the majority of my life- listening to Chuy :\
, Fanzen & Trace :rofl:
, Man Cow, etc on the radio when I get the chance. I remember way back when this cat was @ 107.7/94.9. I gotta give this guy his props- he done came up :pimp:
. It's been a while since I actually listened in on a radio DJ's interviews and/or commentary. This guy gets me :rofl:
sometimes w/all the jokes. Had me :lol:
the other night w/ the comments on how he just got back from Rock The Bells.


Joined Oct 18, 2007
My friend is really good friends with Willsy Wood (sp?) which is super dope friends with BiG Von. Von pretty much holds it down for the Bay. A lot of artist come out just to talk to Von. Consider him the equivalent to whoever holds it down in NYC....Funkmaster Flex or whoever. I've seen him live as a DJ too at the smaller Rock the Bells. The dude just has that voice and just throws in tracks and makes you feel good to listen to them.
- Fong$tarr

Member since: January 26, 2003
Joined Jun 22, 2003
Appreciated. Its hella funny when Big Von is in the studio late night with Kaz Kyzah & others sounding hammered drunk :lol:
Joined May 23, 2005
I used to listen to the chop shop religously on fridays w/ scotty fox like 4-5 years ago. That's when the chop shop was at it's best. When Scotty was spinning on 3 turntables way before serato scratch live.
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