black and red xv's in htown?

Dec 25, 2004
they come out this month. any spots in htown gettin them?
Yea I saw them on the Jordan Flight Club this morning on
Odd they would drop the OGs as an online only release.
I thought they would do it with the lasers and SEs instead.
They also have an odd pic of what appears to be the back of the Jordan III !!!

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I am waiting for an invite to flight club. I have been a member of for awhile and I didn't receive an email. I hope I can get these XV's at retail. I spent too much money moving to Houston.
Kadoma- thanks for the advice and will take it into consideration. No wonder your the king of H-town(I'm sure I offended a couple of the OG's, LOL). Peace and loves to your girl and niece. It would even been sweeter if the freakin Spurs would have won. I guess the consolation was when Manu climbed on Yao and decided to give him a facial.
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