Black/Carolina V's -- Austin, TX

Feb 22, 2001
Where's everyone getting these from? Besides Active Athlete, I hope a store here gets them in and I can scoop a pair ...
September 10th
FootAction maybe? I haven't called to ask. And when does Active Athlete start to allow pre-sales? I called last week and they said they were all reserved
LOL, Active is pretty damn crooked, so I figured they'd say that their stuff was reserved. I haven't called FA either, but I was probably going to do so tomorrow ...
Damn. Dude at FA told me 19 pairs. Try my luck on Eastbay and if not I'll probably save it for a second pair of Grapes.
Try eastbay first before getting your eyes poked out by AA
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
So, who tried at FootAction this morning? Anything crazy happen? I assume they're still only letting in a few people at a time.
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