Black/Cement iii Jays in GTA IV???

Sep 28, 2006
are the air jordan iii's in the black/cement grey colorway available for Niko to wear in grand theft auto iv?

i coulda sworn i seen him rockin em on either a or video post. maybe it was only the xbox 360 version??
i played the game through and didn't see them.

saw the black/silver V's in san andreas, but not these.
que guys thinking, kicking office desk curse gif

dude, i really hope u playin and they on ps3.

btw- took mad pics of black v's in san andreas. that just might be the best gta
post pics
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White infareds, pretty dope!
Ha-ha, you beat me to it. Most definitely Maroons. I still wanna see pics of the cement 3's and I know for a fact there isn't any 5's on San Andreas......Trippin'....
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