Black Infrared VI's returning in 2014. NO GM TALK!

Joined Sep 18, 2012
It'll have the Jumpman on the back just like 2011 3's, 2012 4's, and 2013 5's.  
Joined Oct 4, 2012
Jumpman or Nike, I don't care. Just get the shoe right this time! I know it's been said a billion times already but maybe if we say it enough, they'll finally come around. This used to be my favorite shoe of all time.

And God please no blue tinted sole on these. This is the one sneaker that'll ruin. That's only good for some shoes. Not these.
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Joined Oct 23, 2010
A whole year wait tho? I'll believe it when I see pics. JB can change their minds at any point.....Not getting my hopes up.
Joined Nov 18, 2012
I can only pray that JB makes these like the OG...with NA and 3M...if so then I can't lie, I will have no complaints about the pricing being around $200...
Joined Dec 26, 2010
Yea no blue tint and brand the hell out of the back w NA
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