Black Infrared VI's returning in 2014. NO GM TALK!

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I’m honestly ready for these to drop again (hopefully with Nike Air branding). I slept on these because I still have the Infrared pack. Too much other stuff I’m after to drop resale on these.
Lucky, I'm looking for that version of these


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I would welcome reverse infrared from those samples in 2000 in a heartbeat. That Nike Air in Red would be crazy.
Kinda always wish the OGs came like that black shoe with black nike air doesn’t seem to pop as much as or white shoe with white nike air pretty bland also if they would’ve given both black and white infrared 6s a infrared nike air in 91 I think the shoe would’ve really popped I think the caramines are only OGs 6s with a colored nike air I definitely feel like all the original 6s could’ve had it also infrared nike air , sport blue nike air, and maroon nike air
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