Blackberry Bold Owners come in...

Joined May 25, 2005
Any of you come from owning a curve?

i have a curve right now, contemplating selling it to cop a bold, should i do this...

Pros and Cons of doing soo....
Joined Jul 2, 2004
i didn't move over from a curve but i've used both extensively and the bold does everything the curve does...but better. it's faster, OS andinternet wise (3G + wifi). i prefer the bold's keyboard and it feels better in the hands (nh). i say go for it, although rim is coming out w/ a gang of newstuff this year so it might be wise to wait it out a little bit.

Joined Feb 17, 2007
I never owned a Curve, but my Bold is the best phone I've ever had.

You won't make any mistake upgrading to it.
Joined Jun 28, 2008
the bold is way better than the curve, my only gripe is that the battery life sucks for my phone, how ever i am on my phone all day so a car charger is a mustif you are on it all day...and yes i have had a curve as well. i would keep the curve if you can, just incase anything happens to your bold
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