Blue Jays Appreciation vol. Gaston is a magician!

Joined May 29, 2008
if the dodgers lose against philly the jays once again own the best record in the league. this team has flown under the radar for years due to mediocrerecords, the attendance had steadily dropped and just the general interest in the team around the city had dropped.

the 09-10 season starts and the jays are on fire! one of the best hitting teams in the league, a sketchy pitching lineup full of youngsters and no names. RoyHalladay has been the only constant for toronto for years! this guy is the perfect definition of a workhorse. hes all about the game and doesn't care onebit about the fame nor does he possess an inflated ego. doc just pitches a game after game year after year, very appreciated
he just threw a complete game against the yankees holding them to 1 earned run.

cito gaston somehow has found a way to get the best out of guys like aaron hill, travis snider, adam lind, scutaro etc. shows what a good manager can do withwhat seems like a very mediocre team on paper. the offense has been amazing and its not even due to the usual stars such as wells or rios. the jays havedefinitely re-ignited a fire long lost.

i know its early in the season, but lovin' it so far!
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Please dont jinx it.

I wont jump on the bandwagon until the Jays head into August among the top 2 teams in the AL East. Being 1st in May means nothing, word to the BaltimoreOrioles a few years back. The Red Sox aren't going away and the Yankees usually wake up in July. I'm not certain the Rays will return to their 08 form.

Hopefully Halladay keeps it up...dude is my favorite player in MLB
Joined May 29, 2008
@ okb's avy

i know man its so hard not to be excited for the jays though. i cant remember how many years its been since we had any reason to be excited about the season.

what do you guys think of cecil? im quite impressed with him hopefully he makes a name for himself this season. very calm and collected
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Brett has the exact Same minor league stats as David Price but none of the hype, and he has the same disgusting slider and a much better change up.
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I never understood how Gaston never had another opportunity to manage after winning 2 titles, very under rated manager.

We'll see where the Blue Jays are 81 games through, especially considering today was their very 1st divisional game.

So far so good if they stay healthy.
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From watching the Jays Gaston in game managing has actaully been ppretty +$!@+@* +%$%#@. His function as basically a second hitting coach and hisorganizational management has been superb.
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^ Gaston can keep ego's in check too. I mean, he kept Ricky Henderson in check and never had any issues with Alomar.

Doc Halladay is definitely appreciated though. Baseball lost me as a fan after the strike but this team could lure me back. I actually watched most oftoday's game just off the Burnett v. Doc story and it was a solid watch.


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how about my long time teammate and friend brett cecil straight up DOMINATING out there ... yall got a good one with that dude ... best of luck for the rest ofthe season
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im not going to lie...this man is doing great. There is such a hole with the pitching that it is crazy how good this team is playing right now. I keep sayingthat I just dont think this will keep up and this team will not be in first or even second in a couple months but thus far this team has been great. So propsto Cito and the Jays
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i think theres actually a good chance of it keeping up since wells is usually a late bloomer every season (minus that one where him and delgado were nasty fromthe get go and both had like 35/120 years), rios comes around a bit, and as our pitchers return from injury continue to pitch like there replacements have.
Joined Feb 6, 2009
J.P back to his old tricks. Not giving Romero back his job just to save money. Frank thomas, Chacin, league and reed johnson all went through some kind of J.Pbs so he could save some money. He's already ruined this kids confidence when he admitted that Tulo was the better player and he made the wrong choice.Just when this kid puts it all together and has an unfortunate incidence...he losses his job over an injury :S

He really didnt handle this right and i doubt romero will forget if he losses a year worth of mlb service.
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