BMF Series Thread - Sunday night on STARZ

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If I didn’t know Em was supposed to have a cameo I would have never known. I was waiting for him to get some more airtime too :lol:
50 was promoting it saying they used the same technique used in Irishman

He also directed that episode, which was nothing special IMO
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I would assume 50 wanted Em to have more screen time but Em is a recluse and prolly didn’t want a talkin part. Prolly didn’t jus cause it was 50. wasn’t surprised
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Yea I enjoyed this finale. Glad they got those 2 outta the way.

Rawlins had me rollin. He was on some other **** tho smh.

Ima need Meech to use that dirt he has on the cop. Hopefully B Mickie calls Meech first instead of snitchin.

Who shot Terry? It's looking more and more like B Mickie.
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so they switched it up from real life, lamar & kato are both still alive. or ya'll think they just gon' wait to tell us next season lamar still around?
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