Bo Jackson talks 2010 Nike Trainer SC in new interview

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What's up Nike Talk,

Just thought you might be interested in this new interview with Bo Jackson discussing the Nike Trainer SC. He talks about how transcendent the Nike Trainer SC was when it was originally released and also gives a nice comparison between the 1990 Nike Trainer SC to the 2010 re-release. I conducted the interview and couldn't let Bo leave without asking him, Does Bo Know Hip Hop? being that we're Chicago's #1 Hip Hop Blog. Here's the link:

Thanks for checkin' it out, what do you think??

~ Sgt. Tibs
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the questions asked were well thought out and very relevant.

too bad Bo didn't know how to answer them. it would have been nice to have gotten a little more insight on the original release and rerelease.

you guys did a great job setting him up, he just didn't knock 'em down.
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Really cool interview man. Bo Jackson is on my list of people I would love to meet before I die. You rarely see any interviews or appearances from him so this was really cool to see.
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Like the people above said, you did great with the interview. Bo shows his "intravertedness".


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so glad you can buy the 2010 bo's now withouit having to buy the pack, im stoked
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BO KNOWS how to loose weight, good to see him in top shape again, he was pretty big when SC interviewed him for the Trainer 1 last year.
Joined May 30, 2003 topic but i use ur site all the time to hear new music, lol...(always DL the "Tibs Fav" tracks, and i love that u use usershare, lol)...

Your site and niketalk are the 2 sites i go to first when im bored

Keep up the good work
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