Body Weight/ Gymnastics Training Exercise NT'ers Unite

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You see a gazillion threads on every non-fitness based forum about Weight Training routines, arguments about what constitutes good cardio and what doesn't, Bench Press maxes, etc.
It's time we get a thread dedicated strictly to body weight exercise routines. (Not that those of you who use weights are excluded, but this thread is more slanted toward planche/ front lever/ pushup/ core based exercises). Whether it's your planche progression, your front lever, or you're 10000000 miles ahead of me and are working toward 90 degree pushups, share your goals and the exercises you're using to get there.

I'll kick it off with my current routine:


Pike Crunches 5x25

Straight Back Ball Planche Holds 5x30 sec

Ball Planche Pushups 3x5

Supermans 5x25

Dragon Flags 3x5

Pistol Squats 5x5 each leg

Straddle Handstand Press- No Sets and Reps- Every time I pass through living room


Core Routine-

Plank 3x2 minutes

Side Plank 3x2 minutes each side

Side v-up 3x25

Windshield Wiper Pullups 3x5

6" ABC's 1x upper 1x lower


Pushup Routine- (bitten from workout by PetAirRC on youtube)

- Switching Staggered Pushups 3x10 each

- Circular Pushups 3x10 each direction

- Pushup to Standing Pike 3x10

- Wide Straight Arm Pushups 3x10 each arm

- Split Leg One Arm Switching Pushups 3x10 each arm

- Cross Arm Knife Edge Pushups 3x10 each

- "Airflare" Pushups 3x10 each direction

- Leg Sweep Pushups 3x10 each leg

- Side to Side Lean Pec Pushups 3x10 each side

- Attempt to do one marine pushup 3x

My goal is to have straddle planches and high planche pushups by the end of 2011. My current biggest weaknesses are my lower back/ hip extensors, my core flexibility, and my obliques. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.
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