BOMSTER-JABS STUDIO SNEAKER ART (I like to turn my old clothes I haven't worn in years and make them

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Yo...that plaid shirt with the crowns is dope as ****. I dont like the thorns on the sleeve though.

Would cop...
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I don't get it man, what do you want props? You keep posting up this stuff with no quotes on price or anything. I mean your obviously not after it just for artistic expression as you said you sold some to someone. But how can you not hook up NTrs , keep this thread going for months, and just want love? Goodjob nonetheless dude, but I don't understand what you want to do.
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@OnTheNephs  I want my art to be seen. If you like my art and want to give props then give props if u don't then don't.

I'm down to do orders. If you want to know prices inbox me simple as that just know it's not cheap.

I'm just trying to bring something different to NT that ppl don't usually see everyday. Coming from where I live people don't usually make it out especially art wise.  I also want opinions and suggestions from a different audience where I've been showing my work. I know NT has honesty, so by seeing people actually liking or not liking my work is all just motivation to me.
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Much love NT fam^^  and I've just only begun. Just wait I have a plan not to change the art world but the whole world by itself. I will leave a big mark before I leave this world. 

@currensy  yea holla at me bruh we can make some history.
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