BORDEAUX 7S JULY 18th 2015

Joined Aug 5, 2014
I dont Know why anyone's freaking out on these, anyone who wants one will get one; just like the Hares. It's still available pretty much everywhere pretty much around retail.
Joined Nov 14, 2013
Finally copped through FTL after continuously clicking that thing like a mad man. It gave me the countdown timer before I could checkout and I though it would sell out like usual. If you haven't copped yet, keep trying FNL/FTL/EAS, you'll get through eventually. I know this because I strike out all the time on those sites and I was able to get through. 

Anyone who already has a pair, are these TTS like the Hares that came out earlier this year? I'd feel really dumb for copping two the same size if so
Joined Aug 2, 2014
This erroneous information about FNL payment errors circulates every release.  If repeated errors happen, you are NOT blocked, you can't switch to paypal or gift card.  Adjusting billing address is not the cure.  You could potentially have thousands of dollars in authorizations on your account.  It is an error with their payment processing system that occurs with heavy site traffic. It is NOT personal.  The same folks who's payment was rejected by FNL this morning can use the same CC on some socks or Roshe's later this afternoon.  Customer service cannot help you and will be unable to identifying an issue.  Bottom line after a few tries go to another site.
Joined Feb 17, 2013
Seems like they made a bunch of these.... i was thinking resellers might increase price eventually but doesn't seem so with this amount
They made more of these than the 2013 Grape 5's which I thought was not possible 

I heard JB said F it and sent some Bordeauxs straight to Ross and Marshalls.
Joined Nov 25, 2012
Interesting, it used to be that way for me. Like when I copped the xiii lows last month. Where are you located?
they charged you tax based on the subtotal plus shipping charges. I just did the math myself and it checks out. seems kind of shady though. They ended up making $3. Oh well, you know how that ish go. Gotta love my hobby man
Joined Mar 15, 2014
Dissapointed with champ store in pga mall didnt accept my $15 vip reward coupon because it was a "hot selling shoe"

Dunno when they changed the rules. I bought bred 11 low, columbia 4, oreos and other retros in that store and they ve always accepted my coupons before. Smh
Joined Dec 16, 2012
Keep trying Champs, everyone. I just did it a minute ago and my order went through. 
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