Boston Celtics Official 2019-2020 Season Thread

Joined Dec 27, 2014
Welp. Lottery and free agency. Need a superstar to help out IT. Marcus is the only one that's really battle ready. AB to some degree. Everyone else out there with their tail between their legs.
Joined Jul 21, 2009
they makin fun of the celtics in the playoff thread [emoji]128560[/emoji][emoji]128560[/emoji][emoji]128560[/emoji] are they really bad or just bad match up?
Joined May 13, 2013
Bro reading this thread is hilarious. From me saying Evan Turner will only get 6M and hoping we get Nerlens, B Sox B Sox wanting to trade #3 for Jahlil Okafor, and the people hating the Horford signing

We good now tho :pimp:
Joined Mar 31, 2011
Yeah that was real bad. I was slow on how the game being played was changing.

Joined Dec 27, 2014
Looking for opening night tix. Prices 2-3x higher than what I paid during the IT "era" :lol:
Joined Jun 17, 2006
Yeah Jabari is gonna' be gone. We dont need any off court distractions.

Are Daniel Theis, Gordon and Kyrie back to 5 on 5 and full speed yet?
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