Boston sneaker guide

Sep 13, 2002
Hello NT, I will be in the Boston area this weekend. Any Boston people know any mom and pop shops or sneakers stores? I did a little research and came up with Boston NikeTown. If anyone knows any stores other than footlocker or NikeTown, Please post info.
Thanks in Advace.
the tannery and niketown are all i know of, i dont go into boston that much cuz i live near the wrentham outlet, but boston is ok for shoes
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Crystal's and the place right across from it have some good stuff sometimes, platinumposites, etc... Tannery has some rarer stuff...

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I goto concepts all the time. I have herd of cyrstals , but i don't know where it is.
Crystal's is right off of Washington Street, where Filene's Basement and all that is. There are 3 urban shops on one street as you head up towards the Common, Crystal's is one of them, and the place right across from them is straight too...

from now until infinity let icons be by-gones...
Concept is inside Tannery.
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I'll try and add more stores later. I went to a couple of spots this weekend. Let's try to put boston on the map with this sneaker game. Considering I will be up here for a little while. Any BU, BC, WentWorth, or NU people up here?
directions by T - just ask where the store is when your there


Crystals and Manhattans - Red or Green line to Park St.
or take Orange line to Downtown Crossing. Both stores are right across from one another

Niketown - green line to Copley


Manhattans - Red line to Central

Tannery - Red line to Harvard
at Sneaker guide, i was going to post this a while ago but theres not that much to it.

Concepts (Tannery) in harvard square has a couple of decent ones, some old J's. Le Foot Sportif (Dunster Road, behind the Garage) has good old school Saucony's and Pumas.

DOWNTOWN CROSSING: Crystals has a lot of nice old school adidas and some pumas, and theyre one of the top Timberland sellers on the East Coast. Manhattans also has some nice kicks too, decent selection. Hip Zeppi might have some, but they are ghetto as sin, so i never go in there, they got busted for having fakes. All on winter street. On washington street theres Foot Paths, which has some hot timbs and a couple kicks, they get the newer nikes and Jordans.

You might also want to check out the Puma Shop on Newbury, accross from newbury comics. Then also on newbury is the Niketown.

Washington Street is my favorite, downtown, because they have a lot of nice spots for Gear (the 2 hats stores down near the arcade, Lids, etc).

I know theres some Mom and Pops around the Bean, in like JP and Dorchester. Not sure exactly where, though.
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Yeah Massart! I'm a freshman, i didn't think anyone here was into kicks, i guess NT is everywhere.
My brother used to go to Wenthworth and I got a buddy in Harvard but both don't know diddly about sneakers so its pretty hard to ask for kicks especially with my budget. I might be in beantown sometimes before new year.
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