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enyce had some kool chunky sweaters that were very warm. they weren't expensive but not exactly cheap either IIRC. I think the name was bought by Puffy and/or whoever his investors in Sean John are.
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Diamond Supply still makes dope stuff from time to time....I wear the simple crewnecks with just diamond supply on them


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It’s probably some kids that skate or bmx that would spaz if they saw the Diamond supply co. hat locally
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I worked on a farm one summer in high school doing hard physical labor. I got paid about $2 an hour under the table. Worked like 10 hours a day for 2 months. I saved every penny i could afford to save in order to get my hands on a Pure Playaz hoody from the mall.

it took me all summer but I finally copped it in time for the next school year to start. It was my crowning achievement in life.

that joint got stolen from me during an away basketball game that year. I was crushed. I told myself I’d get it again one day when I was older.

To this day I still can’t find that hoody online. It’s my holy grail. All I can remember is it was like brown and white and the pull strings had clear plastic cinch things on the ends.

RIP hoody


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It’s crazy to me that you can wear some grey champion sweats with a cuffed bottom with a pair of running shoes and be considered fly

not hating cause I do it myself, but growing up that definitely wouldn’t be the case :lol:
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