BraveHearts Expose Freaky Zeeky

ezekiel giles?

he's related to camron?

pardon if im late....

whats the story behind all this though?
I mean his name is going to be on SOMETHING...
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i couldnt even read nothing clearly

camera to shaky and blurry when zoomed in
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Okay and what is all this regarding?
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freekey zeeky, you disappointment me.

first cam'ron goes off the face of the earth.

j.r. is selling the same verses to different people.

then jimmy turns is back on the set and goes with curtis.

now we find out freekey is snitching.

snitch set, it's over for them tricks.

edit: :lol:
did J.R. look straight shook up in tdot or what.

JR was about to get a beat down in tdot.
him snitching...when they zoom n jus pause it...
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Wow what an accomplishment the BraveHearts :stoneface:
exspose Freaky Zeeky 0]
this only matters for the next person Cam disses, so they can diss him back with that info

In all seriousness I havent heard the BH mentioned since Oochie Wally to now :smh:

This issh aint important in the long run Zeekey aint really a rapper BH dont even make music anymore(didnt NaS abandon them?)

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I think that all this comes from was when freaky got shot a in 04.....I think....and the shooters went to jail but freaky say that he didnt have to say anything to the police because there where camers in front of the building.......
Hold its a bunch of nobodies exposing another nobody?

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In all seriousness I havent heard the BH mentioned since Oochie Wally to now
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I don't particularly like dipset, but BH did not present anything other than his name brought up in trial documents. That could happen to anybody. Doesn't mean he snitched (a misused word in hip hop) on anyone.
yeah if zeek is even mentoned he has to be documented in the court papers they need to show written statement from zeek with him snitching to have any thing my name on court papers from when i served my lil week and my cell-mate told me his @#%$ and the @#%$ next door heard him telling me. i never got papers to go to his was trial.
damn i thought dude was keepin it real

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