Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Dog

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wouldn't the dog parts rott due to no blood flow through it?

unless the skin will start to break down and somehow human tissue will connect to the dog parts
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So son has a dead dog on his face??

Belongs in Fools Thinkin They Doin It Thread.
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Cmon guys... Yall actually think this is real ? This is something straight out of Weekly World News Magazine.
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The circulating photographs are part of a work created by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga in 2004. And, not at all surprisingly, the images do not actually show a real, living man with a surgically implanted dog's head. Braga created the piece some years after having a disturbing and life changing encounter with a sick dog when he was a teenager. Compensation Fantasy launched Braga on to the Brazilian art scene.
There you have it.
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just saw this on FB looks fake to me also...

yet still disturbing. :lol:
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I mean, dogs are cute, but if this guy really wanted to look cute and attractive, he should've gotten it done to look like Yeezy.

no ayo btw.
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c'mon OP, you didn't really think that was real did you?

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