Bred 4s price check...Which Bred look better?

Joined May 19, 2013
Bred 4s #1 

Dude looking for 155 for these

they look nice to me...


Bred 4s #2 

Really nice sued look brand new

for 150

but there a scuff.....
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Joined May 13, 2013
Id go with the second one fam, the one with the scuff looks really good, they have minor paint chipping but overall look good. Hope it helps!
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Joined Apr 20, 2006
I'd go with #2 as well.. I'd ask for a pic of the inside of the shoes.. That should give you more info about how much wear they have. If there's a bunch of sock balls and the jumpman is faded, then they've been worn more than a couple of times..
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