Brian Tallet pitched a no-hitter through 6.1 innings.

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And just because I didn't want to make two separate threads, Grady Sizemore is the worst "superstar" in baseball.

6 home runs, 19 runs batted in and 5 stolen bases through 25 games. Great.

28 strikeouts in 106 at-bats (on pace for 174)
6-28 with runners in scoring position
0-9 with runners in scoring position and 2 outs

Yes, I'm mad.
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I walked back to my computer thinking somebody is going to try the jinx and low and behold.

Tallets change has been extra filthy tonight but this proves how important defense is, the best defense in the major can turn any +@+$%@ ground ball pitcherinto Roy Halladay.


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just to let you guys know ... my old teammate and friend brett cecil will be starting for the blue jays tomorrow ... out of all the baseball i played when iwas younger he is the only dude that finally made it to the bigs ... heres to a no no
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I'm shocked by the way the Jays are playing despite having one...ONE MLB quality starting pitcher right now.
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Dude from the Twins took a no hitter into the 6th yesterday and the Royals ended up with 10 hits and the win by the end of the game.
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