brooklyn neighborhood questions

Joined Dec 23, 2001
i am moving out of flatbush in a month or so and am looking for apartments in a few different areas of brooklyn.  i'm familiar with most areas, but not enough that certain factors won't be overlooked in my search and decision making process.
basically as I have questions about a particular neighborhood, i'll post them here, hoping someone who is more familiar or lives there can let me know whats good.  anyone else moving to/within brooklyn, feel free to ask questions!

my first and only question, for now, is how is parking in prospect heights?  having visited a friend in that area (right off eastern parkway and flatbush ave), i've always had to spend forever looking for a spot.  is that how it is all the time?  is it only on certain nights?  i'm assuming its bad all the time but...?

i think i'm ruling out bay ridge from my search JUST based on the parking, cause its that bad.

thanks in advance.
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