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Feb 3, 2002
I'm watching a classic playoff game between Chicago and Miami. April 29, 1992. Miami's first post season home game and MJ is tearing it up.


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Definitely a very good move by Solar Sports... 24 X 7 BBall channel...

I just hope they also feature Bulls vs Detroit when Mike was trying so hard to get over the Bad Boys... and also the time they swept the Pistons and Isiah Thomas and others did not even bother to shake hands with the Bulls...
^^^ is espn classic shown in the phils? they're showing tomorrow afternoon on espn classic here in the u.s., game 3 of the 1989 eastern conf. finals of the bulls v.s. the pistons.
"Once you get into the moment, you know you're there. The crowd gets quiet. Things start moving slowly. You start to see the court very well. I saw that moment, and I took advantage of it."

- Michael Jordan, after winning Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals
i saw that game, seb.. jojo.

charles smith got OWNED before that word ever made it into NT slanguage.
that serious?​
great channel... last night i was watching Knicks vs. Nets... I remember watching that game back in high school too! Kenny Anderson was SMOOTH! Pat Ewing raining jumpers from 20 ft with a hand on his face :wow:
Lotta intensity back in the 90s... This morning there's a Spurs preseason game against some Euro team..
I watched the Lakers vs. Rockets classic game the other night.... Hakeem (Akeem) Olajuwon and Mitch Kupchak trading punches! :lol:
^^ lol! i remember that game as a kid! Damn i really hated Sampson and Olajuwon then... Olajuwon used to be a dirty player before he became the elegant, graceful, player and person during the 90s.

They had my Clippers on this morning :pimp:
... Brand looking rusty during the first half, Shaun Livingston looking good :pimp:
... Maggette missing FT's :smh:
.. unfortunately i left after halftime for work so i don't know who won!
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