Bubble Tea?

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do most of yall like it? I go to this place called Bento Box a lot. and every time I go they ask if I want bubble tea and i've never tried it.
how many of yall have had it, is it good?
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[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]The Tapioca balls, or whatever they're called, are nasty though 
(so get the tea plain). [/color]
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what are some good flavors?
offbad wrote:[hr][/hr]try it and find out.
yeah i know, but whenever I go there I'm really hungry and not really in the mood to risk something I may not like. so just asked for opinions 
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mango slushy with lychee jelly.. or play it safe and get a coffee flavor minus tapioca balls... should be like Starbucks.
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I got one of these things on a road trip. I ended up shooting the balls at the bottom at things ala spit wad. They were perfect for that. Sorry SF pedestrians but you were too easy of a target at the time
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Originally Posted by Purple Sneaks

Originally Posted by mcnoodlez

its amazing, but also very unhealthy...
try thai tea or mocha.
it's full of flavoring syrup (huge amount fo sugar) and the tapioca are pure, dense, unhealthy carbs, each ball is roughly 20-30 calories... 
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I actually worked at a small Bubble Tea cafe. try it with lychee jelly on bottom, maybe a safe fruit flavor tea, maybe a strawberry or green apple. The place I worked at had some pure fruit juice/real fruit flavors, if you're looking to be healthy.
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For my San Gabriel Valley heads in So CAL. Any recommendations for places that have GOOD bubble tea? None of that quicklys, tap ex, lollicup crap please. Kthx.
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