Budden's Halfway House is the !#@#!

Joined Mar 25, 2006
I been researching dude as of late. I know I'm late, but.... this album is [edit] just as good, if notbetter than Padded Room (which I thoroughly enjoyed).

The Soul, Sidetracked, SLAUGHTERHOUSE (Royce and Buds kill it), Under the Sun, Anything Goes among the faves.

For those that still don't like Budden (I strongly disliked until I recently, after giving him another chance since Pump It Up...), this should changeyour mind.

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This Was A Good Release If He Had took some songs off this an put it on Padded Room and Remove the wack ones. Padded Room would be perfect
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I swear, for this dude to make an excellent album, someone needs to lie to him and persuade him to make a mixtape. Then secretly release as an album.
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My version of Halfway House is better than Padded Room

On My Grind
Overkill (Ft. Heartbreak)
Check Me Out
Slaughterhouse (Ft. Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I & Royce Da 5'9'')
Under The Sun
The Soul
Anything Goes
Go To Hell
Just Got To Be Different
Touch & Go
Better Me
One Night %@$# (Ft. Emanny)
Things You Do
Who? (Killed Hip Hop) (Full)

Looking back on this I don't even know what this is if it was suppose to be a promotional thing/hold us over til PR. I got a feeling this is gonna be oneof Joey's overlooked gems, this was given to us and put out there effortlessly compared to the MMs and how PR dropped imo.

Gotta say Joey's another dude who should try to get some good go to producers or a production team. I know NJ got a lot to offer beat wise, it sucks hedoesn't have the best beat selection. Not to mention all of them free beats being thrown his way.
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and it took him only TWO WEEKS to finish this album. Amalgam should have made this into his sophmore album in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by SylvesterMcGrizzly

Originally Posted by jthagreat

way better than Padded room.
Padded room shoulda been the digital release and halfway house the physical product
truth. Joey would be 12x platinum if the MM series were albums. But then again, u know how the label is, got have some dumb +$## on the album orya can't sell it
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Definitely better than Padded Room.

Check Me Out, Sidetracked, Under The Sun, The Soul, and Anything Goes are all

Great production on all these tracks and lyrics are good as usual from Buddens.
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