Buffalo, Rochester, Niagara Falls Syracuse heads.. Where are the Foamposite Boots??

Joined Jun 5, 2002
Anybody know what stores in these areas have the Foamposite boots available for purchase like right now.. I'm tryin to find them jawns by this FRIDAY..

Anybody can help me out with names of the stores that may have them, and phone numbers, especially in Syracuse, and Niagara Falls...

Like ASAP..

Joined Jun 29, 2008
Try Against All Odds or Finishline at Carousel. Those are just some spots off the top of my head. I don't travel the city to find shops (just go to schoolhere).

Syracuse is flooded with fakes though.
Joined Jul 11, 2006
Finish Line at carousel doesn't have them, and All City is probably gonna charge you a mortgage
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