{(-------Burgundy and Fire Red V's on Dec 16th-------)}

mtl troopers

Oct 28, 2005
It's gonna be another Merry Xmas for us Jay Heads this year!! Troopers have decided to get into the spirit of the holidays and give y'all LS deprived Canadians some HEAT before the upcoming brick :frown:
(Dec 16th)Burgundy's! But I know from talking to the community that there's a few true heads out there that are feeling these more than the Olives!?! :\
Fire Reds for BELOW Canadian retail! :wink:

Email me at Inspektah_Hek@yahoo.com with your sizes! I'm available for meetup in the evenings or weekends.
Happy Holidays NT! :D

*** Barons swingman #7 ***
email sent! :smile:
AIM:You can try n snatch my chain if you think you a stuntman,
I'll put u on hardbottoms like you workin' for 'Jumpman'//
If anyone emails me pls mention your NT name...helps me keep track!

Leaving tomorrow so get at me quick y'all!
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
Hektor, first off thanks for doing all this. Much appreciated, bro. We all know that it is not an easy task to travel and hand in the shoes from Tdot to all the way MTL. Ahhh gotta luv it! :pimp:

The stupid Footlocker Canada excluded the Fire Red J's from using SPC. |I

Well it doesnt matter cause I can get the J's cheaper from you from now on anyway. :D

Holla at me for the next release of J's, bro. :wink:

born and bred in MTL and never mind hooking up peeps from my old stompin grounds!

almost last call y'all so get at me...
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
Must say in person the shoe is 10x more better another sleeper IMO, plus Northface, Arc, Canada Goose always has winter jackets/windbreakers in this colourway.
^yes they are! couldn't really get a good feel for them on earlier pics but once I seen them in person!! :wow:
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
Hek I called and left you a message on your phone, I'll call you Monday Evening or if you get a chance during the day on my cell. I also emailed you, which has my number in the email.

Thanks and hope everything works out.................PLEASE!
goood looks on the LINKS HEKTAHHH.... much appreciated, soo freshhhh, jusss lookin at these kicks in person jus brings back soooo many schoolyard memories..... T.R.O.Y...CLASSSICK!
"....its like CRACK to a JUNKIE...."
damn bergundys aint really my steez

but the construction and quality look nice
For Sale or Trade for sz 9-9.5 heat

DS Sz 9.5 Huf AM 90s, Sz 8 DS Day of the Dead Dunk SBs
no doubt Boog! I gotcha anytime homey...

and yes homi the quality rating on the Burgs is off the charts considering how JB did some other retros wrong...
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Westill have a FSR in the Fire Reds...grabbed my 12 to put on hold...thinking I might grab a second pair.
Latest Pickups: Nike Dunk Low CL (white/white-black: Jordan II inspired), Adidas Chile 62 (black/sunshn/dkgrn)
^wut city is that in? these things are gonna be off the shelves by Boxing Day...
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
well city...Medicine Hat..ahaha. We have sold half of ours. Called Nike today and they still had some Royal V's in stock
Latest Pickups: Nike Dunk Low CL (white/white-black: Jordan II inspired), Adidas Chile 62 (black/sunshn/dkgrn)
naw BIG UPS to you Hippie!

I remember when I dimebag used to cost a dime!?! LoL!
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
My supplier in Philly put in some serious work for me and Canada LS on this gracious holiday! Big Ups to my mans for coming through especially on a day when most heads are home enjoying egg nog!

Everyone that ordered a pair of Burgs from this shipment can smile wide with the sight of their size in the pics and gather up that Xmas money cuz the Troopers are coming to collect! LoL!

here you go ISS some pics for Xmas...


*** Barons swingman #7 ***
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