BUSTA RHYMES B.O.M.B.S. ALUBM THREAD......isthereanotherone?

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didnt see a thread for this album, but i kept hearin about it in other threads.

im listening so far, just skimming thru it, i
@ the tracklist

you can assume from lookin at the tracklist that theres some amount of autotune.........and yes so far there is at least 3 tracks with it.

the one with tpain (duh) track 9 and track 10 got autotune, esp track9. but for some reason i like track 9
i expect NT to throw MASSIVE hate toward it tho .
id never thought id hear "Su woo" on a busta rhymes album esp if it doesnt come from a lil wayne feature

the track with Mike Epps is
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Originally Posted by TheTim11

Wheel of Fortune intro
thats one of the highlights of the album.

i also thought Give Em What they Askin For was gonna be DOPE by the way it started, but then the "actual" beat drops and then it changes to someclub/handclap +#@$ and Busta sounds very similar to lil wayne.

i dont like this album, too much singing. after hearin the intro i just knew it was gonna be some hype +#@$.

Big Bang > this
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im listening to it. I really didnt care till i saw him on 106 yesterday. Its pretty good. Im actually starting to like songs that used to bug me like hissingles.. Theyre very different but it kinda goes with the sound of the album
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%@!% is weak...
The Big Bang was great but this %@!% right here...
Way to much singing and autotone...
Theres a decent line up of proucers (Scratch, Danjia, Pharell, Cool & Dre) but the beats arent that good...
and where the #%#@ is Throw some water on em?...that would have been the best song on the ablbum...
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I like the album not better than BB but I'm always down for some new Busta. What's story behind hs lable problems? What happen to Aftermath? Anyoneelse notice that it has 15 tracks on the back but it only plays 14?
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Finally gave it a spin, it's not that bad. It's got some hot songs on it. It's a 3.5/5, good album. Not touching The Big Bang
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Downloaded the album.

Deleted it after the first listen.

I was considering buying the album.

I would have been pissed if I did.
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