[| -- Busta Rhymes featuring Mary J Blige, John Legend, Jamie Foxx & Common - "Decisions" -- |]


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The version without Big Mike is now being played on radios, also I think the newer one has changed a bit.

Was Jamie removed?
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well the one i got jamie is first on the hook.
pretty dope track tho.. busta really went in on this one
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For anyone interested...

We got the chance to hear this track a few months ago when it leaked off a Big Mike R&B mixtape. It has Jamie Foxx and Mary J. Blige, along with John Legend on the hook(s) - so I didn't know what to think of it at first. I definitely ##@!# with Mr. Stevens, but not only was his part missing at first, but you know… three R&B cats, two rappers, three verses? Biggie said it don't mix.

This song itself is about some of the +#%@ Bus had to go through in 2006 after everyone came down hard on him [||] and how people reacted to the situation and were acting kinda funny around him. Splash also told me that Trevor said that this song was put together around the Summer of 2007 (if you listen to Comm's verse, you'll hear less UMC and more Rashid).

After listening to it a few times the last go round, this is easily one of Busta's thoroughest tracks I've heard (as of late, at least). It takes a step back from all the distractions and puts everything into focus. In the end, it probably did need 3 different people singing the chorus considering there are three strong verses here attacking relationships; friendships as well as the other kind. The song is called "Decisions", but he's not dwelling on the past or showing any signs of regret. It's simply: what's done is done, let's move on.

The beginning is also kinda better now that Jamie isn't talking directly to Busta, and this version also has John Legend's part.

Produced by Dr. Dre. Sick song.
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What the **@@ is Busta Rhymes budget like... These N's gotta be doin favors for this washed up dude...

Linkin Park on the one joint
T Pain on another
Lil Wayne & Jada on another
NOW Mary J, Jaimie Foxx, John Legend & Common...

And his buzz is @ about 12%

If he EVER wants to be relavent again, he's gonna have to make a few songs by himself...
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Whatever happened to that Busta song some dude was playing in his car. It had a female on the hook and it was called "If" or something
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