Busta Rhymes- The Big Bang Appreciation


Joined Apr 22, 2009
His first album on aftermath was HOT, not debatable imo

1.Get You Some - (featuring Marsha From Floetry/Q-Tip)

2.Touch It

3.How We Do It Over Here - (with Missy Elliott)
4.New York S*** - (with Swizz Beatz)

5.Been Through the Storm - (with Stevie Wonder)

6.In the Ghetto - (with Rick James)

7.Cocaina - (with Marsha)

8.You Can't Hold the Torch - (with Q-Tip)
9.Goldmine - (with Raekwon)

10.I Love My B**** - (with Kelis/Nas)
11.Don't Get Carried Away - (with Nas)

12.They're Out to Get Me - (with Mr. Porter)

13.Get Down
14.I'll Do It All - (with LaToya Williams)

15.Legend of the Fall Offs

on top of that touch it remix
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