but really NT lets get serious here...Brenden Fraser = worst actor in Hollywood

Jun 20, 2008
My girl and I are watching Journey To The Center Of The Earth and we were discussing on how bad the movie was. And we were trying to figure out who inHollywood is a more horrible actor then Brenden Fraser. Even DMX was a better actor then Brenden.
-The Juice
Definitely not the worst actor. I think he is a good, under-appreciated actor. He has the same problems as Cuba Gooding Jr., dudes can't find good scripts.Unlike Cuba though, Frasier does wack movies in between small gems.
I was watching the end of paycheck yesterday, I'm gonna throw Ben Affleck's name out there.
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keanu reaves (sp?) is pretty bad too
yeah, but he was in the Matrix.

Fraser FTL.. don't like any of his movies.
Keanu was in The Day The Earth Stood Still...and that movie was waaaccckkk...the whole "barely moves his face when he talks" is notreally acting. -makes me miss Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, at least he was supposed to appear hella dumb in that movie
LOL you dudes are actually throwing out some pretty horrible actors, good work.

Fraser is wack but i liked him in Crash... whoever said Ben Affleck was on point too
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Nicholas Cage is pretty bad
He's awful but he's made some classics

Face off

Arguably anyone else could have stepped in these roles and done a better job.
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steven segal<

Foreal, Steven Segal is supposed to act the way he does...that's part of the experience of watching his movies...Under Siege is high-lariouslyawesome...but I dunno about Under Siege 2...that one's probably pretty bad
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