Buying a TV. Help me out pic one.

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So Best Buy has no intrest on Home Entertainment purchases $699 and up for 3 years and it sounds like a go to me.

Sooo.. I'm thinking out with the old and in with the new. I'm looking at a TV that's anywhere between 40" and 47", at least 120Hz and 1080p. I havnt really decided if I want LCD or plasma yet, but I'm thinking plasma... I'm not completely sure Take a look at what I'll be doing with it and maybe one of you can help me decide? I'll be gaming and doing a little movie watching on it and I'm somewhat of a tech junkie, but I'm not in the loop as far as television / A/V stuff, so I want the screen lit evenly with a nice contrast ratio and no motion blur/artifacts/etc... I'm thinking Samsung/Sony/Panasonic, but I know things have changed since I've been in the market for a TV. What about Pioneer? And what's the deal with having an internet connection on your TV? Worth it? Probably useless if I have a PS3/360 hooked to it, right? Help me out!

What I'm using it for:
- Video games
- Movies
- Maybe I'll hook up a PC to it
- A little TV watching

Minimum Requirements:
- Under $1,500
- 40" - 47"s (Not opposed to 50"s if it's a deal)
- At least 120Hz
- At least 1080p
- Undecided between plasma and lcd.. Help me decide
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