Cactus Jack 4's legit check please anyone

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Bought these for 550 4 months ago, and I never knew if they were authentic or not. Please if the community could come together and legit check these for me. Id be very happy and grateful to you guys. Thanks!

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Sorry for he late reply.

I think these are fake for a few reasons:
-Air unit looks to be too thick (height), and too shallow (not enough space between edge of the unit and the white outsole).
-Pattern cuts are pretty rough (especially in the toe/rand area).
-The shade of blue appears to be darker than retail pairs (official pairs are a light baby blue).
-Jumpman logo on the tongue looks off.

Again, i’m not 100% (would have to see your pair in person) but too many inconsistencies in my opinion.

There are a few good legit check videos for authentic Travis IV’s. Check on YouTube to see for yourself.

Good luck.
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I compared these with a bunch of authentic ones on youtube and it checked out from what i thought. But you are definitely raising some concern for me.
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Can't tell if you're being serious
Nah I am being serious. I know stockx has had a bad rep lately with letting fake shoes through and it sux to see these nice *** kicks not be authentic. I really do feel for u bro. Good luck with ur sneaker stuff in the future tho🙏🏻
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I don't think as many fakes are getting through as people assume. Yes it happens, but I believe there are more accusations than actual proof. There have been fakes with SX tags attached for some time now. People also assume if you pay a premium on SX that they are going to ship you an immaculate perfect pair. People get legit pairs with FLAWS, and end up thinking they are fakes.
OP never stated he bought them directly from SX. So let's ask to clarify.
OP did you PERSONALLY buy them from SX or did you buy them from someone else?
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I bought them off somebody else, but the box and the stock x tag have been authenticated and are real. And the stock x receipt and the signed card black card came with it and are also authentic. And the guy also showed me his email online digital receipt as well that completely matched the physical receipt they sent in the box.
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