Cal St, San Bernardino??

Sep 5, 2006
Anyone go here or has gone here? I need an idea of what this school is like? What kind of students do they get? How big is the school? Is it a commuter campus? Any information will be helpful..
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I go there....

School is mainly a commuter school, meaning campus life is nonexistent.

I think that the majority of students are in grad school, could be wrong though

School is not very big at all.

Are you coming from out of state? What are you majoring in?
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I'm going to cal state san bernardino its not all that bad when choosing ur classes its easy to get into classes u need. Well from my experience I haven't had trouble. And parking at school isn't bad at all you can always find a spot. Pretty much what grittyman said is the truth.

man grittyman ur the first one I know that goes to my school and is on nt haha
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