Calling all Bay Area sneaker customizers

Apr 7, 2006
Whats up NT,
So heres the deal, I am close to releasing a fitness video and am looking to promote the video and website by giving away a few custom kicks inspired by the video. There is sort of a sneaker theme throughout the video, so that is why I chose to give away custom sneakers. If anyone, preferably in the Bay Area is interested you can email me some of your previous work at : If I like what you send me and want to talk more, I will email you back to let you know that I'm interested in working with you. Thanks
Check out my fitness video website:
Nov 16, 2003
Try Vogue at Vogue's Custom Creations... Done and himself were hired by NTSF to customize shoes on sight at their 10 yr anniversary party... They were just using paint pens at the event but they will use airbrush at their shop and they are nasty!!! You can hit him up at Tell him Metal Man Ed sent you and he'll take care of you...
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