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still here. sorry for not contributing to this post sooner. another colorway is the white/red/red mique fp1 player samples. i believe they were made for her when she played for team usa. i have pics of the almost all white mique samples somewhere on my comp along with various other listed colorways. when i get the chance i'll try to post pics.

one other posite model that i dont think any one has mentioned is an og foam pro model with an air max bubble, smooth grooveless sides with a giant swoosh etched into the foam.

here's the page of my price guide from awhile back.

*note - prices havent been updated to reflect current value.

hope that helps.


Joined Oct 4, 2001
So glad you're still around MP!

Are you going to be at the Soled Out show in NYC? I'm gonna make it up there and I think Joe is going, too. It would be cool to have a NYC Summit 1 reunion :tongue:

I'll even wear my dope EXCLUSIVE jersey that nobody else has!


Hit us with pics of those Miques... you almost gave me a heart attack when I saw those way back when!

Joined Jun 12, 2006
Thanks MP for posting the link to the guide. I forgot about Method Man's Penny's (black/black/orange). Just found those pics as well as a couple of the other player samples on my comp. One of the kicks issues from awhile back has pics of the kidd player exclusives which I completly forgot about.

The white/white Miques are so dope. I don't think I've ever seen the white/red. They are probably unbelievable.

I've never seen the gold carbon fibre's. Kookies, have any pics?

I updated the list of colorways. Just added the 2 Kidd samples, Penny's, and olympic Mique's.

black/carbon fiber
black/metallic silver (euro version)
black/metallic silver/white (US version)
black/dark grey/red
black/metallic purple
black/metallic gold
white/black/varsity red (TB colorway)
white/black (TB colorway)
white/black/royal blue (TB colorway)
black/black (TB colorway)
white/black (air max in heel) (look see samples)
black/rose fade (look see samples)
black/black/yellow (look-see sample)
black/forest green/lime (look-see sample)
white/royal blue/orange #20 (allan houston player sample)
black/metallic purple #8 (Kobe Bryant samples)
black/silver carbon fiber (look see samples)
white/black #23 (Mique samples)
white/white/copper/navy #23 (Mique samples)
white/red #10 MIQUE (Mique samples for olympics)
black/metallic purple #8 (Kobe Bryant samples)
black/black/royal blue PENNY (anfernee hardaway samples)
white/navy/royal blue PENNY (penny player samples)
black/black/orange PENNY (Penny player samples)
white/black/green KG (kevin garnett player samples)
white/black #21 KG (kevin garnett player samples
black/black/orange (Jason Kidd player samples)
white/black/purple (Jason Kidd player samples)

Maybe if I get time i'll attempt to post all colorways of every posite that I've ever seen...Foam's, Foam Pro's, Flights, FPKG's, FP3's, Ultraposites... :D
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Thanks Mr. Plump. Nice to see that you're still around. Please post those pics, i'm very anxious to see them. and if anybody else has please post them as well.
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After a little searching, these are the FP1 pics ive saved over the years here on NT.

Say "Thanks" to those who originally posted thes pics (MR.Plump, Meth, Archie and others)


Black & Yellow and Green & Lime FP1

Black & Orange (Penny)

Black & Blue (Penny)

More Penny's

Holdsclaw White & Red

Spidey FP1 ( I dont remember if these were specialy made or just painted)

Save the pics while you can because i dont know how long this free pic hosting will last.

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Geez, do I feel like a "has been"! :b

Probably the only time I'll ever be able to do this......from nearly a year ago:

some stuff from earlier this year:

Hopefully, there's something in the works to unite some of mine and Jojo's stuff to take some pics! Of course, NT will probably be the first to know! :wink:

P.S. I wanna see some gold carbon fiber!!!!! :wow:

The emc.....e.....e.....don't even try to be.......
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I remember having the opportunity to bid on those Black/ Blue Penny's a couple years back and decided not to because they weren't my size. :rolleyes

Thanks for all the pics BTW.
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emcabrera you crazy crazy man

do you know if the charcoal blk/red FP1's scuff at the toes when used to play ball in?

thanks eddie

I will with no bullets in my holster
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No problem guys.

I had some other pics that were wiped out with my hard drive 6 months ago.

So im sure there are still some player exclusive pics floating around.

BTW. The FP1 is by far my favourite Nike shoe ever.

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i'd mentioned earlier in this post that i saw a kid wearing white/purple FP1's. I ran into him today, and got a better look. They're just like the rest of the TB models, white upper, with a black collar/zipper, and purple sole/accents.

That's just how the Jason Kidd player models are described, and lo and behold, when i asked the kid where he got them, he said he got them from Jason Kidd at a camp in Oregon.

So i guess that covers that.

-RYan o_O
Joined Aug 21, 2001

So emcabrera actually owns a lot of the FPs from Interesting.
Rocking that 'Lo for life​
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