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so was offered a job out in the Land Of The Rising Sun and will be out there by the end of July. I know it is real expensive and my job requires me to live off the military installation paying Yen rent. Just wanted to know some fellow NT'ers experience with living out there and does the experience make it worth it with the high cost of living? They gave me a coo full-time gig with Post Allowance but I really have no support network there. Anyone currently in the Zama-shi area?
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It's kind of high, but you can do things to limit your expenditures. You should have a good time here.


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I dont live in the zama area, but I have friends that live around there, both japanese and american. places around foreign bases tend to split two ways: gaijin friendly or not gaijin friendly. almost no middle ground.

The cost of living isnt so bad, i live about 30 minutes away from the big city and i pay under 50000yen a month 1K loft (which is a pretty good deal.) A lot of foreigners come over expecting to live in a 1LDK under with rent under $1000/month, which just isnt that common in Japan. You get use to the small rooms and cherish space more often.

The cost of living isnt that much different than the states, you just have to learn how to replace things with the japanese equivalent. You can penny pinch easily here if you need/want to. its definitely worth the experience, although some people hate it because they cant make friends. Thats the biggest part to living in a foreign land; not having friends. Just be open minded and have fun.
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thanks for the information guys, anything else I should know? What are some of the things you wish you knew before traveling out there?
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