Camping Spots 2-3 Hours from the City

Oct 26, 2005
Does anyone know and chill spots you can go camping at that are a 2-3 hour drive from the SSF/Daly City/SF area?
lake tahoe, lake beyerressa, yosmetie, russian river are the only ones i can think of
thanks for the help guys. lake berryessa sounds chill we are probably gonna end up going there. how old you have to be to get a spot there? (my group consists of all 19 year olds) and how you reserve a spot there?
Check that site out. To make reservations call the site you want to go to, don't use the online reservation site, and I think you have to make reservations 48 hours in advance too. My recommendation to you is this: Go North along the coast. Mendocino County is only a couple hours away and the coastal redwoods are awesome. Plenty of state parks along Highway 1 which is also a great drive. I stayed at Van Damme Beach S.P. about a month ago, it was a good spot. Russian Gulch S.P. is a really nice one as well. You shouldn't have to break out any ID while getting a camp site, don't worry about age limitations. Have fun
yosemite camping requires you to make at least a 1/2 year reservation. Thats for the good spots.
Slypark, I jus got back from campin their yesterday. its like an hour before laketahoe. Its really nice they have a huge lake and evrythin...
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I was at Lake Beyerressa about a month ago. I rather go to Yosemite, but like the guy above said you have to reserve way before you go.

first, and oldest, state park that was est. in california. it's near santa cruz, and IMO, ALOT better then lake camping. lake camping has little to no scenery, but this place is BEAUTIFUL. you will be camping among thousand year old redwood trees as far as you can see, and the privacy you get with your site is better then i've ever been too.

with that lake camping @#%$, you are around a whole bunch of strangers and @#%$, kinda makes it whack.

oh yea, big basin got a group site which accomodates 17 cars, and 50 people, and is like 180 a night or something. rent that @#%$ out with a bunch of your boys and it will be off the hook. no one to bother you for quite a stretch of road.
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you can go wrong with yosemite. half dome and el capitan are awesome! there is a spot around livermore that is really nice, but the dude that mentioned big basin sold me on that place.
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