Campus Kicks @ NCSU

Dec 12, 2005
whats up guys Im a student at NCSU, and someone sent me a PM about Campus Kicks here at school...any of you guys here?
type this into facebook search and you will get the info... A Compilation of Soles: Sneaker Showcase

I know a few of the people having tables should be decent... I was too late in getting a table reserved

Contact Aim: Karkouki
i'm a senior in HS in Raleigh right now but i'm gonna go to state next year. What is Campus Kicks? i might be goin to that sneaker show thing too. is it students only?
Team M.B.S.W.
illl be out there ali when you heading out there
Triangle Regime
Wanted-Any Savier Trainer
FS-Dunk 3 bear low sb sz 9, three bear dunk high sz 9, 3 bear dunk mid sz 12, spiz'ike sz 9 & 11, and others
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